Heat conduction oil heating furnace (中文)  (ENGLISH)

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40 Item Record

41 Head Page

42 Enterprise intelligence

43 The company introduces

44 Product introduction

45 Fixedly burns the bunker

46 The cylinder burns the bunker

47 Square box bunker heat conduction oil stove

48 Vertical oil gas stove

49 Horizontal-type oil gas stove

50 Whole migration stove

50 The furnace of heating oil used ship

51 Electric heating oil stove

52 Melt salt stove

53 Hot-blast stove

54 Burns the kiln

55 Heat energy center

56 Asphalt melting furnace

57 High temperature hot oil pump

58 Burner fitting

59 Electric instrument

60 Valve filling piece

61 Steam generator

62 High temperature heat conduction oil

63 Pipeline cleansing agent

64 Necessary auxiliary engine

65 Applicable scope

66 Technical support

67 Contact method

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44.Product synopsis:

05 固定炉排燃煤导热油加热炉 燃煤导热油加热炉 燃煤导热油炉 燃煤加热炉 燃煤炉 导热油加热炉 导热油炉 加热炉 导热油 热油炉


06 圆筒型燃煤导热油加热炉 立式圆筒型燃煤炉 燃煤加热炉 燃煤导热油加热炉 燃煤导热油炉 导热油炉 导热油加热炉 导热油 加热炉


07 方箱型燃煤导热油加热炉方箱型燃煤导热油加热炉 链条炉排燃煤导热油炉 燃煤加热炉 导热油加热炉 导热油炉 加热炉 导热油 热油炉

08 立式燃油燃气导热油加热炉燃油炉 燃油导热油炉 燃油导热油加热炉 燃气炉 燃气导热油炉 燃气导热油加热炉 导热油炉 导热油 加热炉

09 卧式燃油燃气导热油加热炉燃气炉 燃气导热油炉 燃气导热油加热炉 燃油炉 燃油导热油炉 燃油导热油加热炉 导热油炉 导热油 加热炉

10 整体移动快装式导热油加热炉整体式导热油炉 整体式导热油加热炉 移动式导热油炉 移动式导热油加热炉 车用导热油炉 车用导热油加热炉 导热油 加热炉

10 船用导热油加热炉 车用导热油加热炉 船用导热油炉 船用导热油加热炉 船用炉 船用加热炉  船 船用 导热油 导热油炉 加热炉 导热油加热炉

11 电加热导热油炉 电加热 电加热炉 电加热油炉 电加热导热油炉 导热油 导热油炉 导热油加热炉 加热炉

12 熔盐炉 熔盐加热炉 熔盐 加热炉 熔盐炉 熔盐泵 熔盐储槽 熔盐加热 加热炉 导热油加热炉 导热油炉 导热油 热油炉

13 热风炉 热风炉 热风加热炉 燃油热风炉 燃煤热风炉 燃气热风炉 间接式热风炉 直接式热风炉 热风炉 加热炉 导热油炉 导热油加热炉

14 焚烧炉 焚烧 焚烧炉 废气焚烧炉 废液焚烧炉 垃圾焚烧炉 炉 加热炉 导热油加热炉 导热油炉 导热油


15 热能中心 能源中心 热源中心 能源工厂 热能工厂 热源工厂 木材加工 人造板加工 加热 加热炉 导热油炉 导热油加热炉 导热油


16 沥青熔化器 沥青熔化炉 沥青 沥青熔化 沥青快速熔化 沥青储槽 沥青缓冲罐 沥青缓冲槽 沥青泵 沥青加温 沥青快速加热 导热油加热

17 高温热油泵 泵 油泵 热油泵 高温热油泵 导热油泵 循环油泵 导热油循环泵 离心泵 注油泵 齿轮泵 齿轮注油泵 导热油 导热油炉 加热炉


18 燃烧器及其配件燃烧 燃烧器 燃烧机 燃油燃烧器 燃气燃烧器 燃油燃气两用燃烧器 燃油 燃气 两用 燃油炉 燃气炉 燃气导热油炉 燃油导热油炉

19 电气控制仪表温度表 双金属温度表 压力表 电接点压力表 远传压力表 热电阻 导热油加热炉专用控制 导热油加热炉电器 导热油加热炉专用仪表

20 阀门 垫片阀 截止阀 闸阀 阀门 高温高压阀们 导热油管道阀们 垫片 高温高压垫片 金属缠绕垫片 金属缠绕石墨垫片 导热油 导热油炉 加热炉阀门

21 蒸汽发生器 蒸汽 发生器 蒸汽发生器 蒸发器 余热回收利用 导热油加热蒸汽 导热油加热炉 导热油炉 导热油 加热炉 


22 高温导热油 油 导热油 高温导热油 矿物型导热油 合成导热油 氢化三联苯 T66 T55 导热油加热 导热油炉 导热油加热炉 加热炉 热油炉 


23 清洗剂 管道清洗剂 清洗 管道清洗 导热油管道清洗剂 特效清洗剂 快速清洗剂 强力清洗剂 导热油管道清洗 导热油 导热油炉 导热油加热炉 加热炉

24 导热油加热炉配套辅机 热媒炉 热油炉 导热油炉 导热油加热炉 导热油 加热炉  


25 导热油加热炉适用范围加热炉 燃油导热油加热炉 燃气导热油加热炉 燃煤导热油加热炉 电加热炉 导热油加热炉 导热油炉 导热油 加热炉

26 导热油加热炉技术支持热载体 热载体炉 有机热载体炉 有机热载体加热炉 载热体 载热体炉 载热体加热炉 有机载热体炉 有机载热体加热炉

27 联系方方式 热油炉 热媒炉 热风炉 熔盐炉 燃媒炉 燃油炉 燃气炉 电加热炉 

导热油 导热油炉 导热油加热炉 加热炉的品种与分类:


立式圆筒型燃煤加热炉 120~1800kW(10~1500×104kcal/h)

卧式方箱型燃煤加热炉 1800~3500kW(160~3000×104kcal/h)


立式圆筒型燃油加热炉 180~18000kW(15~1500×104kcal/h)

卧式圆筒型燃油加热炉 180~18000kW(15~1500×104kcal/h)


立式圆筒型燃气加热炉 180~18000kW(15~1500×104kcal/h)

卧式圆筒型燃气加热炉 180~18000kW(15~1500×104kcal/h)


电加热导热油炉    25~350kW(2~30×104kcal/h)







Management scope:The organic heat-carrying agent burns the intermediary fuel oil fuel gas as well as the oil gas dual purpose heat conduction oil heating furnace、Electric heating stove 、Melt salt stove、Hot-blast stove、Burns the kiln、Burner, hot oil pump, steam generator, asphalt fast melting, heat conduction oil, cleansing agent;

Auxiliary engine fitting:The combustion chamber, the top digit trough, swollen the expansion slot, the drain tank, the filter, the gas and oil separator, the air blower, the drawing fan, on the coal machine, the dregs machine, the dust remover, the air pre-heater, the fuel injection pump, the velocity modulation box, the radiator, the high temperature valve filling piece, the explosion-proof gate, the electrically controlled cabinet, the electrical control measuring appliance, the liquid level indicator, fluid controlling, the thermal resistance, the thermometer, the pressure gauge, the technical document

 Specially supplies goods:This company has many years heating furnace production history, the rich movement experience, provides the many kinds of heating system, the equipment, the technical document, the material to each kind of different working condition, guarantee subscriber's equipment system safe good movement heating. Is higher than 350 ℃ heat installation to the temperature, this factory will provide the special melt salt stove and the hot-blast stove, by will meet the craft temperature requirements, also might each kind of parameter condition which proposed according to the user, for it design, the manufacture, will provide specially conforms to the user request product completely;

Product characteristic:

The movement pressure is low: The liquid phase transportation heat energy, can under the low movement pressure, obtain the high operating temperature, the heat-carrying agent compares the water saturated steam pressure small 70 ~ 80 times, heats the movement pressure is 0. generally3 ~ 1.0MPa;

The heating temperature is high: The heat conduction oil heating furnace heating temperature may reach 350 ℃, the melt salt stove heating temperature may reach 530 ℃;

Saves the water resources: May substitute the area which the water resources poor lacks take the water as the medium steam boiler to heat, also is not easy in the cold area to freeze;

Environmental protection design: The high-tech combustion system disposition, lets you feel relieved in any environmental protection controlled area use, uses the close up pump circulation heating craft system, does not have discharges, does not have the loss, does not have the waste, does not have the pollution;

Investment expenses province: The domestic leading level system design, saves 20% investment and the movement city compared to the similar product thisThe advanced product technology, may substitute the import equipment, saves the equipment investment;

Intellectualized control: Uses the PLC programmable Canada to touch the screen completely automatic control technology, so long as you use the finger as soon as to press gently, may carry on stable heating up with the precise temperature control, the temperature automatic control adjustment keen, temperature control precision high, heating is stable;

The energy conservation effect is good: Uses the close up pump circulation heating craft system, does not have discharges, does not have the loss, does not have the waste, does not have the pollution;

By the coal mailgram, by a coal generation of oil, the economic efficiency is high, in the short-term may the return on investment;

Under the different working condition, can maintain the best thermal efficiency;

Five return trips design, the haze comprehensive utilization heat energy center, enables the thermal efficiency to achieve above 95%;

Unique counter-flow section arrangement, guarantee haze under high turbulent state full heat transfer;

Uses the high quality light heat preservation, the fire-proof material, maximum limit reduces the surface radiation loss at the same time, also improved the operating environment;

The closed circuit heats, the thermal utilization factor is high;

The security also is reliable: Has the complete operating control and the safe monitor installment;

Does not have the extra worries: The formidable partner safeguard, the time provides the technical service for you;

Artistic outlook: The lofty art savors, for you new tide be proud of;

Principle of work:

Heat conduction oil heating furnace technical process:

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