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45.The fixed fire grate burns coal the heat conduction oil heating furnace:

                 固定炉排燃煤导热油炉 导热油加热炉 加热炉外形

YGL型固定炉排导热油炉 导热油加热炉 加热炉主要技术特性参数一览表:

Product performance characteristic and technical parameter:

Performance characteristic: Operates simply, the easy to operate, does not have the breakdown movement, exempts the maintenance;

Operating temperature: 0 ~ 350 ℃

Actuating medium: Heat conduction oil

Working pressure: Atmospheric pressure

Design pressure: 1C$mPa

Heating ability: 120 ~ 6000kW (10 ~ 5 million kilocalories/o'clock)

Product specification: The single Taiwan heating ability is 10, 25, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 200, 300, 400, 5 million kilocalories/o'clock

Burning way: The multi- fire doors fixedly burn coal the fire grate

Is suitable the fuel: Coal, lumber, bark, sidewall waste material, granulated substance burnishing powder

Automatic control: Mechanized semi-automatic control way

Product main characteristic:  

* Safe:Can obtain the high operating temperature under the low movement pressure: The heat-carrying agent uses the ABD series heat conduction oil, the maximum temperature may reach 350 ℃, the use organic silicone oil, the maximum temperature may reach 400 ℃, the use melt salt maximum temperature may reach 580 ℃, the practical work pressure is an atmospheric pressure, highest working pressure 0.6MPa, design pressure 1MPa;

* Frugal:Has the high temperature low pressure the characteristic, reduced with the hot equipment pressure rank, may reduce the equipment the investment expenses.

* Energy conservation:Uses the close up pump circulation to heat, does not have the contact with the atmosphere, may lengthen the heat-carrying agent service life, does not have discharges, does not have the pollution, the quantity of heat loses slightly, may greatly most save the energy, the operating cost lowly, the return on investment is quick.

* Environmental protection:Does not have discharges, does not have the pollution;

* Convenient: The operation controls and moves safely monitors the equipment completely, the operation simple, the easy to operate, the movement safe is reliable;

* Surface broad:Applicable scope widespread, can satisfy each kind of user each kind of high temperature to heat up the production craft different application temperature many with the hot equipment request, can carry on the precise temperature control and the adjustment, the use effect is stable, even if the useful thermal change situation thermal efficiency also can achieve best.  

* Perfect:Structure reasonable, outward appearance novel, necessary facility complete, technology comprehensive, the service is thorough, the user does not have the extra worries.

The YGL fixed fire grate burns coal the heat conduction oil stoveMain technical characteristic parameter data sheet:

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