Heat conduction oil heating furnace (中文)  (ENGLISH)

Item Record Head Page Enterprise intelligence The company introduces Product introduction Necessary auxiliary engine Applicable scope Technical support Contact method

40 Item Record

41 Head Page

42 Enterprise intelligence

43 The company introduces

44 Product introduction

45 Fixedly burns the bunker

46 The cylinder burns the bunker

47 Square box bunker heat conduction oil stove

48 Vertical oil gas stove

49 Horizontal-type oil gas stove

50 Whole migration stove

50 The furnace of heating oil used ship

51 Electric heating oil stove

52 Melt salt stove

53 Hot-blast stove

54 Burns the kiln

55 Heat energy center

56 Asphalt melting furnace

57 High temperature hot oil pump

58 Burner fitting

59 Electric instrument

60 Valve filling piece

61 Steam generator

62 High temperature heat conduction oil

63 Pipeline cleansing agent

64 Necessary auxiliary engine

65 Applicable scope

66 Technical support

67 Contact method

58 Burner fitting heat conduction oil stove,the he,heat conduction oil stove,the heating furnace,organic heat carrier stove,hot matchmaker's stove,the airstove,melts the salt stove,burns the stove,the electricity heating furnace,the hot oil pump,58 Burner fitting heat conduction oil stove,the he,the valve,the gasket,the heat energy center,the steam generator,the pitch melts the ware quickly,sources of energy equipment in Changzhou,www.aadry.com,telephone 13961156591,burns matchmaker burns oil burns gas stove as well as the oil gas dual purpose stove

58.Each kind of name brand import burner and its fitting:

This company sells on commission:Each kind of import original installation fuel oil (heavy oil, light oil, residual oil), fuel gas (Natural gas, liquid gas, town gas and so on), fuel oil fuel gas dual purpose burner, prestige rope burning machine, Zach burning machine;

This company continues:Each kind of import burner service and provides each kind of burner fitting;

Burner technology specialNatural parameter:

Suitable fuel:Fuel oil (heavy oil, light oil, residual oil), Fuel gas (natural gas, liquid gas, town gas), oil gas dual purpose:

Burner power:From 60KW-20000KW. (5 ~ 15 million kilocalories/o'clock), the heating furnace strives: 0.5 ~ 20t/h

Product performance characteristic:The single stage, the two-stage and three levels of firepower completely automatic as well as the continual proportional control control, the fuel oil, the fuel gas burner elect from in world famous merchant Germany domestic product prestige rope burning machine, has the complete combustion control regulator, the solenoid valve, the oil pump, the spray nozzle, the servo electrical machinery and the safekeeping of security monitor system, the realization ignition, for fuel oil burning, the engine off starts and so on the completely automatic procedure control again, guarantees the product the use security, the burner leaves the plant already through the ignition and so on each examination. The sufficient highly effective burning capacity, the burner guaranteed the flame has the enough stability, does not have the tempering the danger, the flame may adjust, the burning security, obtains the fine combustibility and the low noise request, conforms to the environment the request which discharges to the haze.

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